When we made the decision to expand the scope of our commitment to the growth of the medical and legal recreational cannabis industry to include retail stores, we knew that its success would depend primarily on the quality of the products those stores sold.

As distributors, we obviously had many manufacturers and growers to choose from but we needed a partner that could produce the quality customers expected in the quantities needed to supply a small chain of small, niche stores.

By branding ourselves as incrEDIBLES Cafe, we have the option to build our own products through-out the State of Florida or build off of a similar well-known brand of edible cannabis-infused products and the number one infused chocolate producer in the state of Colorado.

With best-selling lines like Monkey Bar, Strawberry Crunch Bar and the award-winning Peanut Buddha Buddha bars, they have built an instant-recognizable brand that features heavily in the 500-plus dispensaries and outlets they service in their home state, Colorado.

Because they maintain oversight over every aspect of the manufacturing process, their products are made to exact weight tolerances and dose accuracy is highly consistent. Loyalty to their brand among fans is impressive and incrEDIBLES Cafe believes that, with the reach of our distribution networks, we can repeat their phenomenal success in the sunshine state of Florida.

Pending the result of the November 8, 2016 vote on the legalization of medical cannabis use, incrEDIBLES Cafe will look to open 22 stores in the state of Florida offering the full range of incrEDIBLES –branded products, direct to the Floridian public for the first time.